Saturday, 14 October 2017

IOS 11x.mtz MIUI Theme

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Theme IOS 11x is one of the most poplar inspired theme for MIUI 8 & 9.
New version of iOS Bose 11x built in quality v11.8. The version of this theme is almost final! Enjoy iOS theme.This theme is Base theme of iOS Alakadarnya 11 from Arian Deztine.Special thanks to him.

The latest version highlighted features:

Theme iOS v11x

  • iOS X Lockscreen Redesined
  • Module apps
Music app
Playstore (app store)
You tube
  • Quick ball
  • Font support unicode logo
  • New dialpad
  • New icon
  • New volume BG
  • New system UI
  • Renamed app
  • Lock screen
  • Setting
  • Boot logo & boot animation
  • Updater
  • All like iOS 11 & More

There are some Live previews of the iOS 11x Theme:

Best MIUI 3rd Party Themes

Theme Name - IOS 11x

Theme Size - 30MB

File Type - .mtz

Designer -  MiBose

Download :

1- Theme Link (with 3rd party Apps)
[ Download Now ]

2- Theme Link (without 3rd party apps)
[ Download Now ]

Report bugs of Request for update.
FB: bose29
Instagram: @bose.29
Thank you for downloading!