Saturday, 21 October 2017

Win 10 Pro.mtz MIUI 3rd Party Theme

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Theme Win10 Pro is one of the most poplar inspired theme for MIUI 8 & 9.
The latest version of windows10 introduces some new features and optimization over its predecessors.

The latest version highlighted features:

  • Windows 10 UI
  • Lockescreen - Best Customization
  • Stylish Dialer 
  • Stylish notification drawer
  • Materialized icons
  • Music Player Widget
  • Fast & smooth theme

There are some Live previews of the Windows 10 Theme:

Best MIUI 3rd Party Themes

Theme Name - Win 10 Pro

Theme Size - 10MB

File Type - .mtz

Designer -  Tasveer

Download : Download Now

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