Wednesday, 1 November 2017

[V9 Theme]LG-G6-Miui 3rd Party Theme Download [V8-9]

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Hello Xiaomi fan's

I'm with a theme from the icon of the LG G6

A VSM design from Turkey

Thank you @aLLMeTaLLiCa

Theme LG G6 is one of the most popular inspired theme for MIUI 9. The latest version of LG-G6 introduces some new features and optimization over its predecessors.

What was the Theme

  • All LG G6 icons are used
  • 9 orignal wallpapers of LG G6
  • 9 3D wallpapers with double click on the right side of the screen(you will be tilting the device up and down and left and right)
  • Missing icons are used
  • Adapted for LG G6'D Font theme
  • I Tried to make the inerface look like LG's when it comes to elimation
  • I used to translate a different lock screen to Turkish and English
  • Designed as different icon and big avatar on incoming call screen.

Theme Name - LG G6

Theme Size - 50MB

File Type - .mtz

Designer - Vesim

Download Link: Download theme